With the UEFA European Championships on the horizon, bets have been wagered and favourites established as the 24 countries prepare to battle it out for the continental bragging rights.

What is it?

The Racing Post previews the upcoming tournament alongside a team of tipsters, former footballers and media personalities.

Who is it?

Bruce Millington, former Racing Post Editor

Mark Langdon, Racing Post Sport tipster

James Milton, Racing Post Sport tipster

Didi Hamann, former footballer

Charlie Adam, Dundee FC footballer

Andy Brassell, European football journalist

What is being said?

Milton explained: “I think England have got a great chance but the concern with them and probably Belgium as well is that there is a drop-off between their first 11 and the rest which, as Mark said, for France that’s not so significant. They do have that quality throughout the squad and England, if you look at the centre-backs and the depth there, and Belgium as well defensively, they’ve got Thomas Vermaelen still in the squad who I confidently remember saying had gone at the game when he left Arsenal which was about seven years ago!

“They have to be respected because they’ve got pretty decent group scores, although looking for bets, I’m not massively focused on the group draws because you’ve got that safety net of the third place teams coming through.”

He added: “That could be interesting actually in terms of the golden boot if a team wins their first two games, are their top strikers going to be rested for the last one? That’s one to think about but of the rest, I think the prices of Italy are quite interesting after the cataclysmic shock of missing out on the World Cup, but they’ve got a nice group of players coming through.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights into the upcoming European Championships from gambling industry professionals and former World Cup finalists.

Where can I see more?

Source: Racing Post YouTube Channel

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