As the US market continues to grow, many betting operators are beginning to weigh up the advantages of disadvantages of different advertising platforms as a means of marketing their enterprises.

What is it?

In a recent webinar posted by BIA Advisory Services, four advertising specialists discussed the burgeoning US sports betting industry, and how it can correctly implement its advertising strategy.

Who is it?

Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services

Mark Fratrik, Chief Economist and SVP, BIA Advisory Services

Justin LaPorte, VP of Local Audience Insight, Nielsen

Heather Gundry, SVP Group Director of Local Investment and Media at dentsu 

What is being said?

Providing an overview of the US betting space, Fratrik said: “There are 10 states where you can do it (gambling) online, as long as you are located within the boundaries of that state, and there are others that are coming online soon. Arizona was one where the legislature just passed it, the governor assigned the bill and it’s waiting for implementation, probably in the third quarter of this year.”

Moving on to advertising, LaPorte added: “Using ad intel data and thinking about all of the dollars that are currently spent in this online gambling product category, the vast majority is spent in local spot TV. While the number is really big, what’s really surprising is that nearly 80% of gambling advertising is in local sport TV. 

“As Mark pointed out about the states that are legalising, it’s not everywhere, and market by market, DMA by DMA, we would expect that online gambling is going to be spent on local TV. This is not just because of the legislation part, but TV is a great place to get people to understand about certain brands, and also create really good resonance.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an understanding of the different advertising verticals and platforms available to operators in the US, and which ones are the most effective.

Where can I see more?

Source – BIA Advisory Services

BIA: Why local TV is the best advertising platform for US operators