Conversion plays a core role in all betting operators’ commercial strategies, and there are numerous ways it can be successfully achieved, but also various barriers standing in the way.

What is it?

Speaking to Andrew McCarron, Managing Director of SBC, two experienced specialists in conversion discussed the everyday tactics betting operators can leverage to enhance their strategies, as part of a webinar titled ‘How to increase conversion – Everyday tactics that actually work’.

Who is it?

Host – Andrew McCarron, Managing Director of SBC

Speaker – Tomer Baumel, CEO of Solitics 

Speaker – Emiliano Sanchez, Chief Commercial Officer, Mancala Gaming

What is being said?

Baumel argued that a dynamic strategy is needed to ensure effective customer conversion, but further stated that many companies face a technology barrier when trying to achieve this.

“There is a dynamic between the marketing teams within the organisation and the product and R&D teams,” he began. “The marketing team wants a lot of requirements but they need to wait forever until these are met. A lack of technology by these organisations is, from what we’ve seen so far, the most major barrier they have.”

He added: “It is complex to collect the data from all the different data sources. You have front-end, you have back-end – also in the back-end you have you have different platforms such as sports betting, casinos and other products, the CRM, bonuses engines – and you need to somehow connect everything in real time, and orchestrate all these strategies in a simultaneous way, and that’s complex. Marketing knows what they are trying to achieve, but there is a technology barrier that organisations are unable to meet.”

Sanchez instead focused on the importance of identifying the source of traffic and highlighted differences in customer preferences, saying: “First, you have to understand where the traffic is coming from. That would be critical for you to actually provide the right promotion. Tomer and myself have a little bit of a different view regarding this. 

“You want to vocalise where they’re coming from but also give them the option that there are more products there, because I know with cross-marketing you want to plan at a later stage, but it’s also important – and you find it a lot as well – that there is a ‘one place solution or ‘one size solution’ for all, and some players like that, some players they like maybe only casino. 

“It’s important to understand where you are coming in in order to provide the right product. The first step is to get the website right, once you have the website – that is when it is time to start clicking, to start pushing – where they’re looking, what provider they’re looking at, where they’re standing, what are they checking? Because again, a lot of players will come in to registration and go for it.”

He went on to highlight the importance of understanding localisation, continuing: “It’s very different how you are going to approach an Indian customer, from a European customer, from a Southeast Asian customer, from a Latin American customer, from an African customer. You have to understand the markets that they’re going into, to properly give a localised promotion and communication.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear unique insights into the different tactics betting operators can adopt to ensure greater conversion, and in turn, bolster their overall commercial strategy and performance.

Where can I see more?

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Tomer Baumel: Lack of technology is the main barrier to conversion