Effective and efficient app design and development has become an increasingly important factor for operators that are seeking to maximise consumer engagement amongst a wider audience. 

What is it?

As part of SBC’s ‘How to architect your app for success’ webinar, a panel of experienced figures from the gambling industry discuss the different dynamics of app development for betting operators, highlighting the importance of testing, reporting and updating, as well as middleware and the correct leveraging of sports data.

Who is it?

Moderator – Curtis Roach, Marketing Manager, Mkodo

Speaker – Stuart Godfree, Managing Director, Mkodo 

Speaker – Jonathan Plumb, Chief Information Officer, Rank Group

Speaker – James Letchford, Head of Pre-Sales Solutions, Kambi

What is being said?

“Sports betting is a great example of why you need a middleware layer,” Plumb began. “Take Kambi’s data feed – you have in-play events, football in-play, where data is pushed and prices are changing constantly. 

“If you don’t have that middleware layer and you’re pages aren’t rendering fast enough to change and update that data, you’re prices will be out of date on the site and you’re punters will be annoyed because they’re not getting the price, they’re being rejected from placing a bet, or we are losing money because we’re offering odds that no longer exist. 

“Football matches change so rapidly, that you need that speed and that expedience to be able to update that data on your sites. Sports betting has been the biggest problem for me over the last ten years, because the potential for loss of income is so great.”

Letchford added: “Sports betting is a really challenging vertical, in that I don’t think there are any verticals that push quite so much data continuously into an app. There’s nothing pre-rendered about sports wagering, there’s nothing that I can build and put into an app. It has to come from a live data source, that’s coming directly from the event – from the referees chair, the umpires chair, people in the ground watching the game, that’s where this data flows from.”

Lastly, Godfree remarked: “If you don’t get the sporting data accurate to the customer, every time they try and place a bet they will see a price change, and get fed up and go. Otherwise, you allow a certain level of tolerance of pricing so they can place a bet, but there is huge risk associated with that. You may have provided a better price on a bet that really you should do, but then you have to pay out more than you needed to. 

“That is also one of the great challenges, as technologists, as to how you get around that. I would say apart from stock trading, which is kind of similar, the price changing on a sport event changes even more frequently than a volatile stock, and or share, and there is nothing like it. Some people get this really right, and it’s nothing to do with the sporting data vendor, it’s all to do with the presentation layer. It’s all about making a good experience.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about the different dynamics of successful app development, with a particular focus on betting and gaming operators.

Where can I see more?

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Mkodo: Why middleware is vital for betting app performance