The Big Betting Balagan podcast returns for its first episode of 2021 focusing on all things betting and gaming in Canada.

What is it?

Victor Bigio, Tony Plaskow and Steve Spindler, join the podcast to discuss the online betting and gaming market in Canada, providing some great insights into the current state of play in the Candian betting market, and what the future holds there.

The BBB trio also discuss the latest industry news touching upon the big from MGM Resorts for Entain paired with Entain’s current CEO, Shay Segev’s notice for departure from the role after six months. 

New York and the potential for sports betting is also discussed and the podcasters talk Cryptocurrencies and paypal. 

Who is it?


Lee Richardson: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & Chief Executive, Gaming Economics

Dan Phillips: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & CEO, NEL Advisory

Vigne Kozacek: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & iGaming and Sports Betting Technology and Security Consultant


Víctor Bigio, CEO, Big Yack Technologies Ltd

Tony Plaskow, Commercial Director, Black Cow Technology

Steve Spindler, Canadian Country Manager,

The Big Betting Balagan: A series of podcasts which focus on the good, the bad and the ugly of  the betting and gaming industry. Defining the podcast name ‘Balagan’ from our Pod title ‘The Big Betting Balagan’.

The best translation into English would be something like a state of chaos, disarray or even confusion. The trio believe this name is something ‘Those in the industry will be able to identify with and how it has evolved and gets things done’.

What is being said?

Bigio: “I think what will be interesting based on what has happened in the US and really what happening in 2021 with sports betting regulation in Canada, if you look at what’s happened and of course we are talking primarily about sports in the US because many of the states don’t have igaming regulation yet, is that companies like FanDuel and DraftKings were able to jump in both with their resources. 

“The fact that they already had databases built up from fantasy sports for many years, they were able to dominate the market very quickly.

“I think that if sports betting becomes the thing that becomes legal first in most of these provinces across Canada, then you will see the same thing happen which is why it will be interesting to see who really dominates or comes in from the grey market. 

“It would have to be someone who has a history almost in sports betting to be able to compete because FanDuel and DraftKings will simply blanket the market with advertising. 

“It will be tough to get similarly to how PokerStars and partypoker did it 15 years ago in the poker world. You couldn’t get anywhere to advertise because they just spent all the money that they could trying to find the most opportunities for brand awareness. It will be a challenge, there is no question.”

Why should I watch it?

To get the podcasts take on some of the biggest latest industry news stories and of course to get a more comprehensive understanding of the Candian betting landscape. 

Where can I see more?
Source: The Big Betting Balagan YouTube Channel

Big Betting Balagan: Canada’s state of play