A step-by-step guide to obtaining an iGaming licence in Antigua provided by Relocate Antigua.

What is it?

Having been part of the former British colony, Antigua and Barbuda is on the UK’s white-list of gambling jurisdictions, meaning that its licensees are permitted to advertise their services in Britain. 

Currently a variety of gambling sites operate out of the country including bingo, casino, poker, sports betting to name a few. However, whilst the UK can access Antigua and Barbuda licensed online betting sites, the option is not available to the island’s residents as the country only accepts players that are non residents of Antigua and Barbuda over the age of 18. 

The video looks at what iGaming is in a nutshell, what an iGaming licence is and who needs it, what types of licences are available in Antigua, who issues iGaming licences in Antigua and how you can obtain an iGaming licence in Antigua.

Other topics covered include how much an iGaming licence in Antigua costs, the requirements for obtaining a licence, what happens when the application is submitted and what happens after it is approved and the video ends with why the viewer should choose Relocate Antigua to help them obtain their licence. 

Who is it?

Relocate Antigua is a Relocation Services, Business, Investment, Real Estate, Human Resources, Concierge and Language Services. They assist in relocation to the Caribbean with services ranging from handling full immigration and work permit processes, incorporating business structures and start-up planning, citizenship by investment program, certified translation services, HR Services, connecting investors with the right investment option, entity and individual, setting up bank accounts and finding the right property.

What is being said?

When asked what types of applications are available in Antigua, the presenter stated: “Antigua offers two types of licences: the interactive gaming licence for casino gambling and wagering and the interactive wagering for sports betting.”

Why should I watch it?

To see how to obtain an iGaming licence in Antigua.

Where can I see more?

Source: Relocate Antigua YouTube Channel 

Relocate Antigua: How to obtain an iGaming licence in Antigua