Sue Yoxall explains how mkodo is meeting the increased demand for digital entertainment, as well as why changes to the submission process on both Google Play and Apple provides an opportunity for operators to take advantage of a new player demographic, especially as new markets such as the US and Germany begin to open in 2021.

Who is it?

Sue Yoxall, Co-Founder and Executive Director of mkodo

What is being said?

“There has been an all-time high in people using mobile apps in their daily lives as a form of entertainment. It’s become an important part of our lives. Sports betting, lottery and casino operators that don’t have a digital presence have seen that this is something they need to address. That’s where we as a company come in because this is exactly what we do at mkodo – design and make world class digital products.

“There are also markets opening up around the world for this type of entertainment. We saw the excitement around the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) being repealed in the United States. Increasingly, more states are coming on board by passing regulations which will enable the legalised use of online gaming products. Closer to home for us, we have markets such as The Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine opening up.  

“On the other side, you have things such as Google Play Store. From 1 March, 15 more countries will be able to advertise real-money gaming products in their store. Previously in those countries, if you wanted an Android app, it had to be downloaded from a website, whereas now it can be submitted into the store – a better situation for people wanting to play with that brand.”

Why should I watch it? 

To learn about target markets for mkodo, changes to submissions for real money gaming apps on both Google Play and Apple, as well as a tilting of the balance between website and app engagement with betting products on mobile and why customers now expect brands to offer a native app experience.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Sue Yoxall on mkodo’s native app and real money gaming expertise