Ed Pownall declares that “IT’S MERGER MAYHEM!”

You get to a point where Mergers & Acquisitions are so crazy one wonders whether people are just buying things for the sake of it. DraftKings will not be left behind and after buying a content provider last week have announced they are buying BlueRibbon Software. Whats Blue Ribbon you may well ask, well they are, wait for it: ‘real time gamification specialists who enhance the customer experience by integrating unique functionality, tailored to the individual customer.’

Sticking with M&A, the Kindred Group have bought nine land-based Belgian casinos under Blankeberge brand from the Rank Group. This will also allow Kindred to continue to offer igaming in the region. This feels like a clever sweetener to the powers that be in Belgium and they only had to shell out £25million. Good business.

The rapacious beast known as Entain hot of the back of the Enlabs en-buy has now en-gone en-in for Bet.pt – does what it says on the tin really – a Portguese betting outfit. This raises Entain legal, geographical footprint to 27 countries…

Staying with Entain as they launch what they refer to as a ‘pioneering’ affordability model. I have repeatedly stated that companies should regulate or have it forced upon them so I will keep a watching brief here but Entain, please don’t go overboard. A lot of us like to bet and stay within our limits.

The Industry Eye – DraftKings, Kindred and Entain go shopping