Operators must ensure that responsible gambling measures are made available for all betors, not just problem gamblers. That’s according to Alan Feldman, Distinguished Fellow for Responsible Gambling at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Speaking on Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show, Feldman outlined why operators must prioritise safer gambling before highlighting some of the industry’s achievements in terms of consumer protection.

Touching upon his journey throughout the gambling industry, Feldman highlighted research initiatives conducted by a group of operators, in cooperation with the University of Harvard, which focused on the implementation of player safeguarding initiatives and the studying of gambling related harm. 

This group was formed in response to suggestions that ‘up to 80% of the money was coming from people who suffered from compulsion or addiction’ – a notion that Feldman and his colleagues disputed, but lacked the evidence at the time to fully discredit.

The subsequent establishment of the National Centre of Responsible Gambling, Feldman explained, has found that ‘1% of gamblers in the US have a gambing disorder, while 4-5% of people have suffered harms associated with gambling’. 

The research group also found that the associated impacts of problem gambling could be equated to other forms of gambling such as substance misuse.

However, he argued that the industry should also place a focus on safeguarding the majority of customers who do not suffer from problem gambling issues by introducing measures to prevent them from developing any harmful habits.

“We need to understand better how to access and interact with that group, and get them help, but recognise that it’s not everybody,” Feldman remarked.

“Ironically, the group of people we have ignored the most are the 95% of people who don’t suffer harm. It’s the 95% of people who gamble, have fun, come back and do it again – that’s the group of people we’ve all but completely ignored, and that’s where responsible gaming comes in. 

“That’s the group of people that we need to put a protective seal around and make certain that they stay that way, and that they don’t leak off into having any sort of problems whatsoever, especially now that gambling is becoming so more ubiquitous, far easier to access because it’s online.”

Outlining his own views on responsible betting and gaming, Lycka stated: “Doing good gamblng business means doing good consumer protection – excellent consumer protection – and good responsible gambling.”

Martin Lycka has been one of the driving forces behind player protection initiatives through his work with global gambling operator Entain. In these podcasts, he speaks with some of the leading lights in the battle against problem gambling.

NB – All views expressed in this podcast are personal and do not necessarily represent the views of Entain.

Source – SBC YouTube Channel

Safe Bet Show: Alan Feldman – responsible gambling should be for everyone