The NBA Playoffs were at the heart of the discussion during the latest edition of DraftKings’ Unreasonable Odds podcast as Steve Buchanan and Julian Edlow were joined by Joe Osborne of Odds Shark, with Trae Young being tipped to continue his ‘extraordinary form’. 

The gripping season continues tonight as the Atlanta Hawks look to extend their lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in game two of the Eastern Conference final. 

Looking ahead to tonight’s mouthwatering clash, Buchanan emphasised: “The Hawks have just been playing on a whole new level, especially Trae Young, what we have been seeing from Young has been absolutely extraordinary here in the playoffs so far.

“Bucks are 7.5 point favourites for tonight’s game at home, and they need to get a win to even up this series.” 

Continuing to analyse the trading for the game, Osbourne added his belief that he ‘thought that was too many points, as it was last time when it was 8.5’. 

“I’m a stat-based handicapper, and if you look at all the key stats going into that game from the playoffs so far, it was pretty much dead-even, with the Hawks coming slightly ahead in a few key areas and I think the Hawks have played the stiffer competition leading up to this one.

“I’ll be on the Hawks at 7.5, look at the Bucks shooting in the playoffs and it is a dramatic drop off especially the three-point shooting.”

Edlow echoed Buchanan’s awe of the Hawks, adding that ‘everytime they seem to be in over their heads, they always seem to pull it out’. 

He did however highlight his belief that they have benefited from ‘coaching mismatches on the court’, with Osbourne passionately agreeing. 

Mapping out his pick for the tie, Edlow stated he can’t, at this point, back the Bucks for the game even though he believes they will take it, nonetheless he fancies them for the first quarter, as he expects them to ‘come out with urgency’.

DraftKings: Hawks and Bucks perfectly poised for narrow margins in game two