The focus on technology continues to be exponential as betting operators seek to elevate the consumer experience and the sports betting journey. 

Furthermore, the tool of technology can also be pivotal in identifying and boosting safer gambling as it halts players from falling into problem gambling. 

Speaking on the latest episode of Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show, Shelley White, CEO of Responsible Gambling Council emphasised that the use of data and AI the number of tools elevates in terms of boosting social responsibility. 

She stated: “As the industry uses data, as the industry uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are a number of different tools that can be used in online gambling and we need to optimise that.

“People need to be able to go into their accounts and set money limits, time limits, their wallet size and the number of times they upgrade their wallets.

“The potential that operators have in terms of being able to identify when a player is moving from their regular play into high-risk play and being able to modulate the kind of messages they send can be very powerful.”

She went on to add that as the betting industry embraces a new generation of leaders, the potential for increasing their digital status grows significantly. 

White values the symbiotic relationship younger people have with technology and, with a ‘strong social conscience’, young people can have a reciprocal relationship with current leaders in the online gambling space. 

White added: “I think we have a tremendous amount to learn from the next generation of leaders. Listen, they’ve grown up on technology and even perhaps gaming, so they have a tremendous perspective and points of view that we would benefit from. 

“In addition, they’ve grown up with a very strong social conscience as well. If you combine their expertise, their knowledge of technology and their social conscience, we have a lot to learn.”

The Safe Bet Show – Technological innovation can be vital in improving safer gambling