Play’n GO invites players to Harness the powers of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, as it casts a light and fortune on the favoured in its latest slot title Sisters of the Sun.

The operator’s five-reel cluster pays video slot includes both a Goddess Power and Sisterhood feature mode, along with a free spins round. 

In the game, wins are achieved by landing three or more symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Winning symbols within the combination are removed, allowing for remaining symbols to drop into the empty spaces to potentially create new wins.

Moreover, the wild symbol within the game substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. These wilds can only be created; appearing in the middle when a winning combination of three symbols is removed. 

On each spin, five random grid locations are marked with the Eye of Ra. When winning over an eye location, the win multiplier will increase by one, resetting before each new spin.

Moving onto the Goddess Power feature, this is triggered at random on a non-winning spin. A unique ability is then performed to help create a win, depending on which goddess is shown on-screen. 

If Sekhmet appears, one set of symbols is converted into another. However, if Hathor appears, one or two wild symbols will be added to the grid. Otherwise, if Bastet appears, two sets of symbols will be removed. 

The Sisterhood feature is triggered by landing one scatter symbol/ With this, one free round is awarded and the win multiplier is reset.

Additionally, a Goddess Power is performed on each symbol drop that does not provide a winning combination, until all three goddesses have performed their respective ability. 

Players must choose one of the three goddesses before the free spins round commences, who each carry different variations of spins: Sekhmet awards four initial spins; Hathor awards five and Bastet awards eight spins. 

Moreover, the win multiplier is carried over from the Sisterhood feature, only resetting once the feature is over.

During free spins, the number of Eye of Ra locations increases from five to 10 and the chosen Goddess Power is triggered on every non-winning spin.

Commenting on the popularity of Ancient Egyptian-themed titles, head of games at Play’n GO, Charlotte Miliziano, said: “The regal nature of Ancient Egypt narratives, gods and pharaohs continue to be a favourite amongst players as the content is so rich. 

“There are so many gods, goddesses and pharaohs that we haven’t heard of. Maybe we’ll be the ones to tell their stories in our games.”

Readers who wish to try a demo version of Play’n Go’s Sisters of the Sun can click here.

Play’n Go travels to Ancient Egypt in Sisters of the Sun