There were contrasting emotions as DraftKings played host to the latest episode of GaryVee’s Hard Dialogue NFL podcast, as the host commiserated over the woeful form of the New York Jets, whilst Jessie Coffield reveled in what was ‘a nice day to be a Patriot’. 

The pair took a look at the unpredictability of the league this season, with it producing chaotic results on a weekly basis. 

Tony Dunn, from the C3 Panthers Podcast, and Ben Standig, of The Athletic, looked ahead to a fascinating clash this weekend between Washington and Carolina. 

Standing emphasised that when it comes to Washington, he won’t go as far as to say things have been turned around but he is just happy the narrative has changed. 

He added that when it comes to the NFL, sometimes it can come down to which side shows up on the day and wants it more. 

Meanwhile, Dunn added that whilst a few weeks ago he would have united with GaryVee in misery, the performances of Cam Newton and his return breathing life into the team has played a big impact in turning the fortunes of the Panthers. 

He went on to outline that it can enliven the atmosphere at the Bank of America Stadium, with number one jerseys likely to show in abundance. 

DraftKings – GaryVee’s Hard Dialogue: Feel good factor is back as Carolina and Washington are set for collision