Kindred’s bold ambition for having no revenue from harmful gambling was underlined in a recent web call by Karim Chikh – Head of Legal and Compliance Analytics and Daria Magdoiu.

Underlining its commitment to social responsibility the group has set the date of 2023 as when it aims to reach 0%, as it strives to make player safety its foremost priority. 

Chikh started by outlining some of the key tools that can be utilised to ensure player safety: “We have three options, the first is self-exclusion, we also have addiction closure and we have PS-EDS, which is our internal monitoring of markers of harm. 

He went on to outline that all high-risk players and those that have engaged with the responsible gambling tools are flagged as part of the firm’s strategy. 

This approach enables the group to take a more balanced and well-structured approach to data and statistics.

It’s data that allowed the group to look at spikes in problem gamblers engaging with consumption during the lockdown and as the COVID pandemic took hold. 

It also enabled the group to look at how its approach enabled them to take greater control of problem gamblers on the platform, and gain a deeper understanding of the demographic of players that are utilising their offering. 

Magdoiu then followed up by detailing further the interactions and engagements that take place with customers after they have engaged with social responsibility tools. 

She highlighted the universal approach taken across the group’s platforms to ensure maximum social responsibility is ensured and their players are enjoying as safe an experience as possible.

Kindred underlines 0% ambition for 2023