In the latest episode of Beyond the Reels, Lady Luck’s Chief Technology Officer, Vadim Fedorov, provided SlotBeats with a deeper insight into the group’s mystic-themed slot title. 

Set in the abandoned arcade of an amusement park, it marks the firm’s debut slot launch of 2022 and seeks to entice players to let fate decide their destiny in Madame Clues, 

A 1×1 video slot that incorporates a maximum win potential of up to x23,040 the bet, the title includes features such as a Look Deeper bonus, symbol split, multipliers and a free spins bonus.

Addressing the elephant in the room, Fedorov explained why the title only included one symbol and what led Lady Luck to develop its new title. 

“We recognise that there are very different audiences playing slot games, through different genders, locations and tastes, and we can’t cover all of them obviously in one single game,” the CTO noted. “With this specific game, we’re trying to cater for the players who are not that experienced with slot games – maybe this will be the first gambling game they’ll ever play!

“That’s why we wanted to make it as easy to understand as possible, making it very minimalistic and putting a character inside it to keep the players entertained. This title is also very mobile friendly, with 80 per cent of our players playing through mobile… you don’t have to grasp too much information on the screen, it is just if you have won or not.”

Moving onto the sound within the slot, Fedorov stressed that Lady Luck took the “unusual” step for a small studio to hire its own sound composer that works in the company’s own sound studio. 

He added: “We tried to make the music and the sound environment of the game a very important and attractive part of the experience. In Madame Clues, we have these gypsy music themes playing for the player to get them into the required mood. 

“Alongside this is the character narration that breaks the wall between the player and the game and gets players more engaged with the game’s process. We did it for the purpose for the player to spend more time in the game and hear everything Madam has to say. 

“To support this we added this message sticker that provides additional information and fortune to notify the player if they lose or win.” 

Fedorov also went into how a base game spin works with one symbol, the features within the slot and how the whole experience enhances the player’s experience when playing the title. 

Rounding off the interview, Lady Luck Games’ CTO also gave a brief insight into what players can expect from the company over the next 12 months.

Beyond the Reels: Lady Luck Games – Madame Clues