Glitnor Group CEO David Flynn: “Really important” for affiliate world to be licensed

During this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona, SBC Americas Editor Jessica Welman spoke with David Flynn, Glitnor Group CEO, on the company’s exploration into new markets, in particular the US. 

“If I consider the group as a whole, we’re probably in most markets,” remarked Flynn, who went on to break down the plethora of aspects to Glitnor Group from its affiliate division, to its B2B division. 

“Our affiliation business for example, Latin America is a really strong growth market for us. The US is of course too. From a B2B perspective you’ve just mentioned the UK, we’re looking at licensing across the Eastern European regulated market, signed some initial deals in the US and starting the licensing process for the B2B business in the US as well.”

“For B2C, we’ve just launched Happy Casino in the Swedish market and going through the Canadian licensing process right now, our next step into North America if you will.”

But when speaking on gaining licences for its affiliates, Flynn delved into some of the differences between the process and how affiliate and B2B licences.   

He continued: “The licensing process for the affiliate isn’t as onerous as opposed to an operator. So from that perspective I think it’s the right approach to have a lesser degree of scrutiny of affiliate licences. 

“It’s really important that the affiliate world is licensed and regulated to ensure players have a fair representation so when they’re looking for the sites they are looking to play on, they do get the reputable sites, that’s really important.”

Furthermore, Flynn also spoke at length on the groups ventures into the US and highlighted that organisational preparation is a key component of assuring Glitnor is well equipped when entering a new state. 

“It’s different state-by-state, but the main thing is organising your shareholder base and making sure that you have to send the information, have everything in order and once it is, it makes it a lot easier,” said Flynn. 

“From a B2C perspective the legislation and regulation is totally different state-by-state, and that is a totally different scenario when you’re submitting the information. But from an affiliate perspective, it’s quite straightforward.”