Last week, alongside the publishing of its Q3 results, Catena Media announced that it had completed its 18-month long corporate strategic review.

A year of deal making sees Catena generate €76m from the sale of European media assets – as proceeds will be used to shrink debt and strengthen its long-term commercial prospects in North American markets.

As such, a slim-line Catena will now focus its entire business strategy on North American growth, in which the company continues to shift its commercial model onto rev-share based contracts – deemed better for long term cost controls and sustainable growth.

2022 and 2023 bear the deep scars of Catena’s transformation, as Catena takes its biggest gamble placing all chips of North American growth.

And this will be the focus of the landmark episode 150 of iGaming Daily where James Ross is joined by SBC’s content director, Edward Menmuir, and SBC America’s Senior Journalist, Charlie Horner.

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