Beyond the Reels: AvatarUX – Donkey & the GOATS

AvatarUX‘s Head of Studio, Hubert Spala, returned to Beyond the Reels for our latest episode, guiding us through one of the studio’s most exciting titles and showcasing an abundance of new knockout features in Donkey & the GOATS.

Taking place in the boxing ring for a night of fighting, the slot uses a 6×4 reel set-up that offers 117,649 ways to win. While implementing a selection of new bonuses including the Vegas Reel and a feature-fuelled Donkey symbol, Donkey & the GOATS has an RTP of 96 per cent. 

Looking back at what inspired the slot, Spala stated: “This game is very unique. We are well known for our PopWins games, and this is not a PopWins game. This is a big reach for us in some completely new ground.

“We wanted to have a completely new set of features to work with one another. It’s a foray into a completely new style for us on every level, the visuals, the audio, how they play, how they feel. They are just completely new entities. 

“We want to make a whole family of games like this, we want to expand on this idea. It took a lot of work to get all those features to work together in this fashion, so this is a very new project for AvatarUX.”

Explaining why the studio chose to focus on the sport of boxing for this title, Spala said: “We always look into our portfolio and check what we are missing. You might have an Irish game, an Egyptian game, classics so to speak, but we never really tackled a sport game, and we have some sport enthusiasts inside the studio. 

“We have some people with some expertise in boxing, which actually helped us to figure out what we actually wanted to show, what kind of fights, what kind of scene, what kind of battles, who is going to be our greatest of all time, the ‘GOATs’.”

“It’s all twisted to be a little bit of a parody, but it’s still boxing. You can recognise some famous hits, famous attacks and bouts but it’s all overdone to be a little cheeky, which is of course most visible in our Donkey character – based on the legendary Dom King.”

To watch Spala guide viewers through the many features on offer in Donkey & the GOATS, while providing insights into the studio’s plans for the title to kick-start a new slot series, click here.