Soft2Bet descended on the show floor at ICE London to sing the praises of its latest gamification instrument, the Motivational Engineering Gaming Application, or MEGA for short. 

The new innovation takes popular mobile games across both Android and IOS and combines their APIs with MEGA to transform them into real-money gambling titles. 

Revealing the “amazing” results seen from this solution in casino gaming, Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet Founder and CEO, spoke with CasinoBeats Editor Joe Streeter, to explain how MEGA is helping the company increase GGR, enhance player engagement and triple players’ screen time. 

Explaining how the concept of MEGA came into fruition, Poliavich said: “We were looking for new ideas for social gaming and for casual gaming. We found out that, actually, the quality and the better design is out there, and we want to bring that to real-money gambling. 

“We saw that two billion users across the world are using those casual games, and that’s a totally new audience. We saw that in regulated markets, we need to compete with companies that have much deeper pockets than our customers have.

“So, what we did with MEGA is we attracted those new audiences, those two billion users across the world. They use MEGA because they know the mechanics from casual gaming. 

“We can localise the games to the markets. We know that American football is extremely popular in the US, so that’s what US operators will get from us with MEGA. 

“They’re finding basketball, American football and baseball gaming apps and combining them with MEGA to offer outstanding products.”

When questioned about the difficulties of bringing a product like this to new markets and facing stricter regulations, Poliavich explained that introducing MEGA to different jurisdictions is, in fact, “very simple”. 

“It’s really simple with MEGA because it is not about higher bonuses or bigger deposits or any other addictive mechanics,” Poliavich continued. “MEGA is about entertainment, and that’s what regulators are after. They want this business to be entertaining and that’s what we do.

“It also helps a lot when facing the limits of local markets, because what we do with MEGA is we adapt the games to the local climates and it’s very easy because it comes from casual gaming.”

One new market that is on the tip of every igaming company’s tongue is Brazil, following the confirmation that online casino gaming will be included in the nation’s soon-to-be regulated gambling market. 

Pointing out the Brazilian potential for MEGA, Poliavich stated: “We are fully set up for this market, we have all the payments in place and local requirements met. For MEGA, Brazil’s audience is very football-oriented, so casual football games will be what they’re after.

“That’s how we’re going to engage the market and engage the players, bringing Brazil’s 220 million players to our platform.” 

To hear Poliavich detail Soft2Bet’s plans for MEGA and what it has in-store for the remainder of 2024, click the video above.

Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet: tapping into mobile gaming’s two billion players with MEGA