Beyond the Reels: discovering Smash4Cash with Gaming Corps

Gaming Corps’ newly-launched Smash4Cash mechanic took centre stage in the latest Beyond the Reels episode, with the studio’s Head of Games, Connor Blinman, revealing the firm wanted to transform the player experience with Piggy Smash

Using a piggy bank theme for the mechanic’s debut release, the Smash4Cash format sees players set their stakes and bet as a hammer smashes down on different coloured piggy banks. 

While different coloured pigs provide different prizes from x1 to x100 the player’s bet, each pig has the ability to reveal one of the four bonus features, including multipliers, jackpots and bonus rampage and multi-rampage features.

Explaining the studio’s latest mechanic, as well as the inspiration behind the piggy bank theme, Blinman stated: “Back in 2023, we really wanted to create something to change the player experience in 2024. 

“We wanted to create something unique that nobody had seen before in the online space. That’s where Piggy Smash came about, and where the Smash4Cash mechanic started. 

“Once we had decided on the mechanic, the name came really quickly to us. It was super obvious to call this mechanic Smash4Cash. We then decided to think about what type of themes we could pair with this mechanic. 

“We were discussing the objects that we could smash and what could reveal prizes and, among every team member, we all had experiences growing up with piggy banks. It was something that everyone had experienced in the past. 

“The mechanic and the nostalgia behind the theme all combine really well for the player experience to be what it is today.”

After delving into the bonus features showcased within Piggy Smash, Blinman discussed why producing arcade games can be beneficial for both suppliers and the operators that acquire them. 

“I feel as if the casinos, right now, are inundated with suppliers offering them different slots. What this sort of game does is it targets a different demographic, whilst being very similar to the slot-style of gameplay and core gameplay loop. 

“It’s perhaps for a more casual demographic, someone who isn’t a slots player or a traditional table player can come to this game and experience something different. 

“This is growing with release upon release each month because these games are becoming more popular, targeting a demographic that hasn’t been targeted before. 

“Studios gain a massive USP on the market if they offer these arcade titles. With ourselves, we see a really strong connection with casinos that are looking for something different. We do offer slots, but we also offer these arcade titles and I do think that gives us a leg-up.”

To listen to Blinman explain the importance of appealing to players’ growing need for instant-gratification and how arcade titles like Piggy Smash can tap into that need, click here to watch the full interview.