Ep 263: What’s going on with Google? With SEO expert Aleyda Solís

We’re back on the SEO beat on iGaming Daily, sponsored by Optimove, as Ivana Flynn is back in the host’s chair, welcoming a very special guest, Aleyda Solís, SEO Consultant and Founder of Orainti.

Aleyda is hosting a closed-door SEO workshop at next week’s CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, and joins Ivana for a discussion on the Google updates that the whole internet is feeling the effects of.

Ivana and Aleyda chat about what’s going on with Google, the present and future of AI generated content and how the algorithm updates have taken effect, ‘parasite SEO’, Google’s Gemini AI vs Bing and ChatGPT, and SEO on LinkedIn.

Ivana also quizzes Aleyda on the differences between SEO in the gaming industry and other industries.

If you want to see Aleyda and Ivana in person, it’s not too late! Tickets for CasinoBeats Summit are still available at SBCEvents.com