With the domestic football season finished, all eyes are now on the imminent start of the 2024 European Championships

On the latest episode of iGaming Daily, Ted Orme-Claye, Editor of Insider Sport, is joined by Jonathan Inbar, Director of Strategic Services, and Jon Collins, Strategic Services Team Leader, from the podcast’s lead supporter Optimove to discuss what the sports betting industry can do to reactivate and retain customers during Euro 2024 and what can be learned from previous tournaments.

Inbar starts by emphasising how much of a big opportunity “mega tournaments” like the Euros can be for the industry, generating a surge of interest in participation from both seasoned bettors and new bettors.

He added: “During [Euro 2020] there was a 150% increase in first-time depositors from some benchmark research that we did. Operators can really capitalise on this by launching targeted promotions and different bonuses, and really leverage the excitement around the tournament to convert new fans into into becoming active betters.”

Collins also talks about trends from previous tournaments that saw players place bets on their own national team. Therefore, he recommends that operators focus their marketing efforts on national team games.

The discussion then turns to how to reactivate dormant customers and according to the pair the key is to look at who was active during previous tournaments and build special promotions to rekindle engagement. 

Looking ahead to what we might see from a marketing perspective during the event, Collins believes that operators will lean into the ever-growing live betting market.

He said: “Since the last Euros we’ve seen an explosion in the proportion of overall bets being placed in the live since and I think this is really going to be important for brands to take account of when they’re building their marketing plans.” 

Finally, Inbar is given the chance to talk about Optimove’s new product iGaming Pulse. He explains how the tool can be used by operators to compare their statistics to the overall market in order to identify their strengths and also what they need to work on.

Ep 273: Acquisition & Retention strategies for Euro 2024