As Brazil gears up to launch a regulated sports betting and iGaming market, SBC NoticiasFernando Noodt and Isadora Marcante sit down with Senior Sales Director at SportingTech, Jack Smith, for today’s episode of iGaming Daily, supported by Optimove, to discuss how operators can avoid pitfalls and achieve long-term success in Latin America

To begin with, Jack stresses the need for operators to ensure they have a localised feel to their offering. He gives the example of making sure in Brazil the website’s language is in Brazilian Portuguese to give a “level of convenience” for users.

He added: “It’s highly important that you’re creating something that when someone does log in, they feel like the site is localized to that country and almost isn’t considered as an external operator trying to penetrate that market. And that’s something that we’ve been helping our operators do for a number of years now.”

Given the size of a region like Latin America, it can be tricky for operators to keep up with the number of regulatory frameworks being used in different countries.

When asked how operators can adapt to different requirements Jack said that the most important thing is to be “agile” and also to always be looking for “the next best and most innovative thing”.

The chat then turns to the imminent opening of the regulated Brazilian market and Jack is asked to give his insight on what operators can do to achieve success in the region.

He again reiterates the two points he has made before which are the need for operators to be agile and also establish a localised approach. 

“We see a lot of operators come from afar, whether it be Europe, the US, for example, and they try to use their same product suite and their same marketing strategy to penetrate a market where the needs of the consumer are very, very different,” explained Jack. “So for us, essentially all we’re doing is we’re giving the technological advancements and giving our operator the freedom and flexibility to use that.”

To end the show the trio discuss the regulation process in Brazil.

Jack says that he can foresee some small operators selling their market share to bigger brands due to the cost of the licensing process.

EP 279: Navigating Latin American pitfalls, with SportingTech’s Jack Smith