Fintech specialist CellPoint Digital has confirmed its expansion into igaming as the firm builds on a year of significant growth.  

Having become established as a specialist in payment orchestration for travel, the group is expanding its footprint into a plethora of new markets, including retail, online gaming, online education, and entertainment and media to boost digital revenues through an optimised payment service.

In an interview with Payment Expert last year, CEO Kristian Gjerding emphasised the role of partnerships in the payment journey, specifically as contactless payments become more prevalent. 

He stated: “We are seeing that non-core functions are being outsourced to partners like us and I think that’s very important. There is an efficiency in getting things done faster and less expensively, but there is also a huge opportunity in adapting technology which has been around for a long time into a more modern reality where speed to market is going to be essential. 

“We are also meeting travellers where they want to be met – an interesting component, specifically around payments, was that one of our clients revealed that Apple Pay was picking up faster than any other method and that was by a significant magnitude. What that says and it plays into all the conversations going on is that people want to go contactless. 

“The point is that for airlines revisiting where they are going with their payment strategy, not only in terms of efficiency and more cost-effective efficiency but also to meet their travellers with capabilities that simplify the transaction journey.”

As retail, online gaming and education or content streaming markets continue to develop, CellPoint Digital aims to export its efficiencies to these new sectors. On average, this means merchants can expect 10% increased digital revenue, 20% decreased payment costs and 75% faster time to market to roll-out a new payment method or feature.

On the expansion, Gjerding added: “At its heart, our mission is to make payments easier for merchants and their customers. From cross-border transactions to rolling out proliferating alternative payment methods, we know from experience that international brands like global airlines face critical payment challenges to grow their digital profits. 

“Our experience working with international airlines, probably the most complex retailers, means that we know how to help merchants quickly and affordably expand into new markets while optimising all their payments and streamlining their payment operations. This know-how will be invaluable as brands in growing sectors such as retail, subscription entertainment and online gaming look to expand into new international markets.

“Simultaneously, we look forward to supporting the rebound of the travel and hospitality sectors – those that have been hardest hit by the pandemic –as they will emerge from global lockdown with the roll-out of the vaccination. As the travel markets are reopening, CellPoint Digital’s leading payment orchestration platform will be on hand to facilitate the adaptation to new travel routes and ultimately best serve their customers in their selected destinations.”