Ahead of the commencing of the NFL season, DraftKings brought together RotoGrinders’ Dan Back, Ross Tucker and Steve Fezzik to look ahead to the campaign from a betting perspective. 

The Even Money Podcast analysed where the value is within the ante post markets, picking the Eagles to endure a rough time and hold value in having the worst record of 2021. 

Given a transitional period that the franchise is embarking upon and their activity in the draft, the panel highlighted value in the under markets for the upcoming campaign. 

Furthermore, the unpredictability of the NFL and growth in betting markets means player props will likely be a key element of the season when it comes to sports betting, according to the panel. 

Nonetheless, they did outline potential betting limits as being the most likely hindrance to the growth of player prop bets. 

Fezzik stated that for operators it’s much more difficult to set an accurate line for player betting, with information that isn’t always freely available being crucial to the setting of the markets, something that leads to ‘inaccurate lines’. 

The expansion of player props is also something that has benefited from the transition of fantasy sports players onto sportsbooks. 

Even Money Podcast: NFL player prop bets can be valuable for punters this season