Last week Brazilian betting and casino site Aposta Ganha hit the box office as the firm partnered with Netflix to become the first betting brand to exclusively run advertising campaigns in Brazil on the streaming platform.

To discuss the deal, and the firm’s plans for the Brazilian market, Aposta Ganha’s Chief Commercial Officer, Hugo Baungartner, joins SBC Noticias Brasil’s Senior Journalist, Isadora Marcante, on the latest episode of iGaming Daily, supported by Optimove.

To begin the show Hugo explains that Netflix customers will see an Aposta Ganha advert, which features former Barcelona and Mexico international Rafa Marquez, when they first open Netflix and then at a certain point during their watching session. 

On why the company approached Netflix, Hugo said: “Netflix is the biggest streaming [service]  in the world. So for us, partnering with the biggest is important. We want to be with the biggest ones. So this deal was basically to make our customers not only see us at football games, but they can see us as well in their time that they are just enjoying relaxing with the popcorn and relaxing with the family.”

The Brazilian festival São João takes place in June to celebrate the nativity of St. John the Baptist and Hugo talks about the importance of the festival and localisation. 

He says that Aposta Ganha aims to be with its clients during the most important parties and events for its customers and that the company “loves to localise opportunities and events”.

In May and June, Aposta Ganha announced that it had joined the International Betting Integrity Association and the Sportradar Integrity Exchange.

All operators seeking a license in Brazil ahead of the launch of the regulated market in the country must join a monitoring body and Hugo talks about the importance of joining these organisations.

“We internally are organizing to be fully compliant with the Brazilian regulation,” explained Hugo. “So that’s why it’s part of our idea and we want to make sure that we are going to be in the next 30 years, 50 years in this market. So it’s a mindset, I think, and it’s part of our goal for the next few years.”

Last year Hugo was interviewed for an edition of the SBC Leader’s magazine in which he outlined Aposta Ganha’s interest in sponsorship opportunities with professional sports teams and organisations.

Towards the end of the episode, Isadora asks how much of this plan the company was able to implement.

Hugo explains that Aposta Ganha’s advertising is now present at all Brasileiro Série A games, the top flight of football in Brazil. He adds that this arrangement is more beneficial than its initial plans of sponsoring specific teams as now Aposta Ganha can be seen at every game rather than only during specific fixtures. 

Ep 285: Unpacking Netflix & Aposta Ganha’s Brazilian first, with Hugo Baungartner