Sporting Solutions has recently accelerated its growth announcing collaborations with OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) and AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis), and in an ‘important milestone’, the company has become the first regulated sportsbook in Ontario.

This places the company in the position of taking the first legal single bet in the province, which is a huge step in the evolving market, and recent CEO, Andy Wright, believes these are just the beginning of its growth into the North American market.

He stated: “We will deliver a seamless wagering experience for bettors across the two provinces. Of course, it’s been an interesting time to join the company with these two recent deals being imminent to launch. They are very much indicating which direction we are going in for the future.”

The service to OLG currently includes pricing and trading that supports digital retail and pool games as well as a proprietary automated risk management service supported by the trading team in both Edmonton and the UK.

Wright added: “It has proven that we can deliver to those exacting standards and provides us with great confidence in our products and services as we move forward to expand our presence further still in North America in the future.”

In entering the Ontario market, Wright claimed he faces some important challenges: “We have the challenge of ensuring that the entire user experience is localised, not just in English, but also in French. 

“Thankfully, our platform has the ability thanks in part to our European customers. But of course, with our owners being Française de Jeux, who have been using our product in a domestic French market for the past 10 years.

“Alongside this requirement is ensuring that our products are accessible to all, which is something we take great pride in making sure that we meet and exceed the standards set by the regulator.”

Finally, future partnerships in the Canadian market seem a strong possibility for the group. Last year, a deal was made with US-based consultants SCCG Management in the aim of further accelerating its entry into the North American sports betting market.

“These two recent deals have let the market know that we can do two very different complex integrations”, Wright noted. “Our plan is to leverage the success of these launches to capture new business with similar operators in the future.”

‘Fantastic milestone’ as Sporting Solutions become first regulated sportsbook in Ontario