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SlotsBeats very own James Ross interviews GAN COO Jeff Berman on the move from FTSE to Nasdaq and the investment opportunities this has opened up for the company. 

The interview explores new states regulating; the US progress with igaming; the states’ appetite for simulated sports betting; key partnerships and what 2021 holds for GAN.

Who’s talking?

Jeff Berman, COO, GAN

James Ross, Reporter, SlotsBeats

GAN is an internet gaming software firm with fifteen years of experience as a B2B provider to the igaming sector. The company has 15 Simulated Gaming partners worldwide, with nearly all of those partnerships in the US. 

What is being said?

Berman: “When you’re one of the largest sources of tax revenue, land-based casinos get shut down… everybody suffers – literally everybody suffers. Online casinos are an opportunity for everybody to recapture some of the value and equally important for the casino operators and I don’t want to understate this. 

“The ability to have another touchpoint with their customers when they physically can’t come to their casino, that’s value in itself. There are the revenue imperatives, there are the ongoing qualms with customers who can’t come and visit casinos on the floor, all of those reasons kind of land to why again we are thankful that there is a larger adoption.” 

“Just look at how regulation is playing out. There was obviously a higher level of comfort and interest for sports-versus-casino right now. We strongly believe that the states focusing on sports right now will inevitably add casinos, probably once their communities becomes comfortable with the operation in its totality.” 

Why should I watch it?

This interview offers great insight into the current US betting industry as well as looking forward to its future and the implications of COVID-19 impact on taxation.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

You can catch GAN at Betting on Sports America – Digital, SBC’s free to attend event. To join the U.S. and international delegates set to participate in the event, click here to register for free.

GAN: US expansion, partnerships & simulated sports betting