Roundhill Investments has launched it’s third instalment of its Roundhill Roundup series this time looking at Sports Betting & iGaming SPACs, iGaming in the U.S., the rise of video engagement, console wars, Fortnite’s return to iphone and the session deep dives further into the sports betting legalisation in Canada that we saw the comment on previously

Who is it?

Matias Dorta, Associate, Roundhill Investments

Will Hershey, Ceo and Co-Founder, Roundhill Investments

Tim Maloney, Co-Founder & CIO, Roundhill Investments

Mario Stefanidis, Associate, Roundhill Investments

What is being said?

Dorta: “New York is now on a path towards having online sports betting, there is a strong likelihood it’s going to be included in a revenue bill, if that happens and the revenue bill passes which I think the deadline is March 31st, New York will have online sports betting.

“First thing to touch upon on the online casino side, DraftKings is now the number one online casino brand in the United States this is a major move.”

Hershey: “I think even if you look at New Jersey which is probably just due to how long that market has been open which is just by virtue of having that time in the market is the most advanced and far along in terms of what we might see in other states in the future.

Online casino is generating more revenue than sports betting in the state and when you look at online casino whether its slots or BlackJack you have the ability as an operator to really dictate margins and generate recurring revenues unlike sports betting where you’re taking more risk on it bet by bet basis just due to the virtue of there the opportunity to get the spread wrong.

Online casinos, as a result, are a better business from a predictability standpoint. It also happens to be higher from an average revenue per user standpoint.”

Why should I watch it?

The Roundhill Roundup gives great overviews of the U.S. facing betting landscape giving their takes on the top stories each week in sports betting, gaming, and esports. 

Where can I see more?
Source: Roundhill Investments YouTube Channel

Roundhill Roundup: the rise of online casino in the US