The recently launched sports betting regulations in New York continue to puzzle many commentators in the betting and gaming industry, not least Dustin Gouker, Head of Content for PlayUSA.

What is it?

In the latest episode of the Legal Sports Report, the co-hosts once again spoke to Dustin Gouker about a range of topics relating to the US sports betting industry, including regulations in the states of New York, Maryland and Arizona, and the partnership between the PGA Tour and DraftKings.

Who is it?

Matt Brown, Co-Host at Legal Sports Report

Adam Candee, Co-Host at Legal Sports Report and Senior Reporter at Catena Media

Dustin Gouker, Head of Content for PlayUSA

What is being said?

Building on his analysis of the state of New York’s recently introduced betting regulations, Gouker remarked: “The only thing they could have done worse was introduce a monopoly system. At least we’re not going to get that, but Adam and I have both gotten this sentiment from other folks – it’s a mashed up legislation, it was mashed up at the last second and the outcome is that it is a mess of policy. There is no disputing that.”

He added: “We’re hopeful that the interstate gaming commission can figure this out – maybe it’s not as bad as we are fearing right now, but it’s not good at all.”

Moving on from state regulations to discuss the partnership between the PGA Tour and DraftKings, Goouker said: “That is a deal that manifested itself in a way that could not be forecasted. We saw the PGA Tour get involved in lobbying but we didn’t know a year ago that the PGA Tour would be lobbying for actual sports betting licenses or the venues where their events are.

“That’s the fascinating part – we’re seeing in more and more states that the leagues, teams and venues are getting cut in or they are lobbying to have this ability to be the holders of a license. The way it’s been running in Texas, they’ve been very involved.”

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To hear updates on key developments in the US sports betting and gaming space, including changes in state regulations, new partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

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Dustin Gouker: ‘No disputing’ that New York regulations are a ‘mess of policy’