The Too Tall Sports Podcast welcomes the CEO of Fanalyze to discuss how the sports data app is revolutionising the way fantasy players, sports bettors and fans receive real-time information and cementing itself as the ‘Google of sports data and betting information’.

Who is it?

Brett Lorin, Host of the Too Tall Sports Podcast

Juan Juan, CEO of Fanalyze

What is being said?

Explaining the concept behind Fanalyze, Juan started: “My co-founder and I played fantasy football together for over 15 years and we were usually the top money winners but I asked, how do you do your analysis and research? So, Chris Longboy, who’s my co-founder, showed me a spreadsheet with macros, stats, scores and calculations and I thought, ‘that’s insane’. I told him, ‘here’s what I go for – rankings, projections and news’.

“We said, ‘let’s try to put that together with software and aggregate that information in one location to save users time’. Our goal was to save users time and get them the valuable data that they need. That’s how Fanalyze came about, building that software.”

He added: “He’s the engineer so he does all the data, backend and APIs, whereas I’m more of the design guy so I do more of the visual and business stuff. It’s a good balance for both of us.

“When you look for data and research, you have to surf several sites and applications to get that content. We’re trying to put that together to get the best, I would say, consolidated data. Instead of 10 websites, you just go to one and go to Fanaylze.

“The graphs was something we wanted to add because people look at trends on a weekly basis and sometimes you’ve got to go with a hot hand. We did user testing and before we launched we said, ‘how does our product look?’, and asked for feedback. They actually liked the graphs because they could understand the data quicker than looking at each data point, so they understand, ‘this player is hot so let’s stick with them’ or ‘this player’s not so let’s drop them’.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an insight into the product and how the fantasy sports, sports betting and sports technology industries intertwine.

Where can I see more?

Source: Too Tall Sports Podcast YouTube Channel

Too Tall Sports Podcast: How Fanalyze is ‘revolutionising’ the bettor experience