As the State of Victoria moves ahead with the Gambling Regulation Amendment (Wagering and Betting Tax) Bill 2021, MP for Windouree Juliana Anderson discussed the positive impact on the racing industry.

Addressing the Parliament of Victoria last month, the MP disclosed that the amendment – which will raise betting and wagering taxes from 8% to 10% and has passed both legislative houses – will have ‘substantial benefits to the racing industry’.

These benefits will include a range of financial boosts, notably increasing gross annual point of consumption tax payments from ‘around AUS$4.6 million to AUS$83.3 million’ from 2021 to 2022.

This financial enhancement, the MP argued, can be used to bolster racing industry prize money, as well as enable greater investment in animal welfare programmes for both racehorses and competitive greyhounds.

Additionally, Anderson noted that monetary backing of the racing industry was positive for the State of Victoria as a whole, due to the sector injecting an estimated AUS$4.3 billion into the state’s economy annually, as well as supporting over 33,000 full time jobs and generally playing an important role in the community of Ballarat.

Lastly, the MP pointed to horse and greyhound racing social responsibility initiatives, including a scheme by which prisoners at the Terrengower women’s facility participated in a greyhound adoption programme.

Regarding the prison adoption programme, Anderon remarked that ‘the joy that was being brought  to those prisoners was great to see’, whilst also stressing the importance of animal welfare initiatives.

Anderson did also acknowledge the potential harmful impacts of gambling, stating “I would encourage anyone struggling with it to reach out, because there are services available.

She added: I’d also encourage people who are struggling with gambling issues to reach out to a healthcare professional, or if they feel comfortable, supporting a family or friend. Help is available.”

Closing her statement, Anderson remarked: “I would like to say that I am a big supporter of the racing industry, whether it be the thoroughbreds or whether it be harness racing, or whether it be greyhound racing, and I commend this bill to the House.”

Source – Juliana Anderson MP YouTube Channel

Victoria MP: Gambling amendment to have ‘substantial benefits to the racing industry’