What is it?

SlotBeats reporter James Ross interviews Henry McLean who guides him through 4ThePlayer’s latest slot title 123 BOOM and provides him with further insight into how the initial idea was constructed and what changed throughout the development of the title. 

Additionally, McLean highlights to SlotBeats about the company’s new game mechanic that is included in the title along with a closer look into the slot’s features.

Who is it?

Henry McLean: Co-Founder and /commercial and marketing director, 4ThePlayer

What is being said?

McLean: “When we released our first game over a year ago now we released 9kYeti and we wanted to explain to the player what kind of experience they would get from the game, what type of volatility and, more importantly, where the wins were during the game.

“When you buy a snack in the UK, you get that traffic light system on it that shows you that this is your sugar content, this is your fat content and allows you to make the informed decision where you could say ‘I do want to get the fattest treat right now.

“We wanted to try and apply that logic to slots and the player could look at it and go ‘well actually I don’t like a volatile game, I like something a bit softer… it allows them to make that informed decision a bit more easily than you can with other providers.”

Why should I watch it?

To get a deeper insight into the development of 4ThePlayers latest slot title 123 BOOM and see how certain game mechanics and features operate.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel