In the Pilot Episode of the PAC (Payment & Compliance) Leaders podcast, Payment Expert’s Editor, Joe Streeter, interviewed Pinnacle’s Isabelle Delisle and NEOSURF’s Andrea McGeachin on a series of payments and compliance industry news and developments.

What is it?

This episode talks about how the pandemic has changed consumer habits and how this has forced the industry to adapt and navigate the challenges. 

It looks at whether the consumer base that may have come online from retail closures can be retained when retail is allowed to reopen again and debates if the same pre pandemic retail experience can even be achieved once they do. 

The interviewees discuss how they have approached affordability checks alongside the pandemic, they discuss data collected in COVID and questions how reliable this data is and how it can be used. 

PAC (Payment & Compliance) Leaders podcast: The Podcast brings together leaders from payments and compliance to discuss the latest industry news and developments each month.

Who is it?

Isabelle Delisle, Global Head Payment Solutions, Pinnacle 

Andrea McGeachin, Chief Commercial Officer, NEOSURF

Joe Streeter, Editor, Payment Expert 

What is being said?

McGeachin: “This has not just been a year of COVID or rules on that side of things, this has been a year of lack of trust of compliance. 

“A couple of things like Wirecard issue causing people to have assumptions and working things in what they thought people having opinions including some of the regulators and I don’t mean gambling regulators alone because they talked about payments, I am talking about financial regulators here as well.

“I cannot tell you how many people I now have to have, to be filling in compliance forms none of which are standard every question is different, yet they are asking the same question. 

“I know that the operators have this directly as well and it’s just amazing the bureaucracy that is going into something that people are made to do where it could be a lot easier. 

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t have these processes at all but the way these processes are being executed is just crazy.” 

Delisle: “It’s going to create its own industry we’re going to end up with companies who turn around and go ‘our sole job is to do all of your compliances. That’s what we do for a living so everybody will just outsource their compliance to some company that ticks boxes and then we go right we’re all done we’re good’ and it will lose its value completely.” 

Why should I watch it?

To get the latest payment and compliance news in the betting industry.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel and Payment Expert

Pinnacle and NEOSURf chat consumer habits in PAC Leaders Podcast pilot