With over 400 worldwide jurisdictions, gambling operators and companies must comply with legislation that affects operating systems, software, hardware and other functionalities. But how does testing ensure that games comply with jurisdictional rules?

What is it?

Developer-turned software tester Amanda Logue joins the A4Q World Congress to discuss how software testing benefits the gambling industry.

Who is it?

Amanda Logue, Director of Marketing at the Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB) 

What is being said?

Providing a background of her role within the industry, Logue said: “In 2019, the gambling industry was a $451 billion industry. Along with everything that has happened in the past few years, including COVID-19, things have changed dramatically for us. They are expecting everything in the gambling industry to come back and prosper and be more profitable in the next couple of years but one thing that’s changed a lot, along with everyone else, is online gambling has grown crazy amounts. It’s had a major increase by about 11%.

“There are over 400 different jurisdictions and regulators for the gambling industry so each jurisdiction has its own rules that must be tested in addition to functional, regression, integration and performance testing.”

Explaining the gambling business ecosystem, Logue added: “Game developers want to make games that are interesting for players to earn money in casinos. Happy casinos buy more games so the more players are playing, the more money they’re making and the more those casinos are going to go back to those manufacturers.

“There are a few different types of developers. There’s an independent developer which will develop their own game and then they’ll try to find a manufacturer or a casino to distribute that game, but then there are also manufacturers who develop their own games for the different types of machines they have.”

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To gain an insight into how software developers and testers play a significant part in the gambling industry and learn about the ecosystem of the gaming and casino sectors.

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Source: iSQI GmbH YouTube Channel

The role of software testing in the gambling industry