OpenGaming reviews some of the newest creations from slot developers available on the platform in the latest edition of The Plug-In.

Who is it?

Matthew Ramsden, OpenGaming Marketing at SG Digital

Craig Turner, Content Specialist at SG Digital

What is being said?

Trialling the new Merlin-inspired creation from Scientific Games, Perfect Potions Megaways, Turner explained: “The general premise of this game is it is a standard Megaways reel set, so there’s up to 90,000 ways on the base game reel. On every single spin, you’re going to randomly generate these potions that will sit above reels two to six.

“Every time you get a win, the reels will cascade and if that opens up an available spot below the potion, the potion is then going to drop onto the reels. What you’re then hoping for is further wins that are then going to allow that potion to cascade all the way down and get these cauldrons. If the potion hits the cauldron, it’s then going to trigger a random modifier.”

Turner further reviewed the title, which claimed SlotBeats’ Slot of the Week: “If you get four scatters, that’s going to give you 10 Free Spins all the way up to 15 if you can get six scatters. Free Spins should trigger, on average, one in 320 spins.

“That’s quite a way out compared to Spartacus Megaways which is about one in 180 but it is in line with games like Bonanza so your standard Megaways customer are going to be used to that sort of hit rate. Again, we’re hoping there’s enough action within the base game to keep them playing to trigger that bonus.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about some of the latest slot releases on the OpenGaming platform and get a look into some of the games launching in the near future.

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Source: OpenGaming YouTube Channel

The Plug-In: OpenGaming reviews latest slot releases