The new year has started with the launch of a new casino, ‘House of Spades Casino’, a rock music-themed igaming site.

Operating under a Curaçao licence, the new brand has detailed an ambition to expand into further territories as results develop, building on a ‘soft launch’ in December. 

As marketing for the launch, the casino has partnered up with classic 70s and 80s rock musicians Alice Cooper and Dee Snyder, the latter the former vocalist for Twisted Sister, who featured in a video release for the firm.

Slot titles featured at the online casino are predominantly rock music-themed to fit in with the product’s general aesthetic, featuring releases based on the two aforementioned singers, in addition to titles from ZZ Top and Kiss, whilst Def Lepopard has been identified as one of the ‘big names’ launching later this year. 

Additional features will include 24/7 customer support, tournaments, weekly challenges, a ‘unique avatar programme’ of fiction hotel guests and as well as the aforementioned celebrity rock musicians. 

An achievement programme has also been developed which will take players on a House Tour to search for hidden artefacts and keys, modelled on a ‘digital Escape Room progress concept’.

According to the casino’s founder, Pele Wiman, the numbers following the December launch demonstrate ‘a well above average conversion ratio and very promising player values’.

The casino will function as a ‘rock ’n’ roll hotel, a bit like a luxury version of Roxy Hotel from the 70’s’, in which player’s ‘check-in’ to to receive a ‘full service treat’.

Wiman explained: “You, as a player, just don’t register at another casino, you check in for a full-service treat at our six-floor building, where every floor represents a level in the VIP-program. We have weekly challenges, 24/7 room service (support), tournaments, a unique avatar program of fictional hotel guests, and celebrity rockstars to choose from.”

Although further details have not yet been confirmed by the casino, Wiman stated on Linkedin that the casino product was developed by a ‘SIGMA Award winning platform provider’ and that the firm has entered into a strategic partnership with performance marketing company Mediainvesting.

House of Spades Casino launches into new year with rock-oriented approach