UFC and DraftKings united once again for One The Line, as the premier MMA promotion heads to Houston for a heavyweight night of action. 

As part of the panel, which previews UFC events from a betting perspective, Nick Kalikas of FightOdds and Gianni the Greek spoke of how for both traders and bettors the unpredictable nature of the heavyweight division can make it a turbulent night. 

The interim heavyweight title collision brings with it an abundance of erratic elements, which the panel cited as making the bout a tricky prospect for bettors. 

As well as the one-punch power of Lewis and the slick skills of Gane, a hometown crowd heavily behind Lewis can also alter the momentum of the fight, with it likely being fought amid a backdrop of an electric atmosphere. 

Given the fireworks predicted on the night, Gianni and Kalikas agreed there’s value in the bout ending before the final bell and either Lewis or Gane capturing the strap with a stoppage win. 

‘Off The Line’ comes as part of the flourishing partnership between the UFC and DraftKings, and also plays a part in the operator’s enhanced focus on MMA, with it sponsoring a plethora of podcasts and preview shows from the sport.

UFC and DraftKings: Heavyweights set to provide explosive night in Houston