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Sascha Callaghan: ‘First phase of regulation is data gathering’

As gambling regulators around the world begin to review their oversight of the betting and gaming industry, the topics of data gathering, player privacy...

Kahlil Philander: Treatment initiatives must be tailored according to requirement

As more and more operators take note of the importance of responsible gambling initiatives, the guests on the Kahlil Philander podcast discussed the importance...

Cashless payments ‘undermine gamblers’ control strategies’ says Dr Luke Clark

Dr Sally Gainsbury hosts a Kahlil Philander webinar addressing the topic of cashless and digital payments methods, and the use of this technology by...

Kahlil Philander’s guests discuss harm reduction in latest panel

In Kahlil Philander's latest panel, the guest speakers discussed problem gambling and its treatment, focusing particularly on what different stakeholders in the betting industry...