High volatility games have increased in importance as an offering for igaming operators, as the industry has evolved to ensure player engagement is maximised. 

It’s an element of Kalamba Games’ offering that has continued to grow in recent years, mirroring the firm’s customer base. 

Speaking at the SBC Summit Barcelona, Alex Cohen, COO and Co-founder of Kalamba Games, underlined: “We like to think we’ve been at the front wave of high volatility games. With all our games when designing them, we try to filter out ideas so that- we’ll say-will this generate a 50,000 or 20,000 times whatever win in order to give high roller players what they want.

“But also give a more casual player the feeling like they can get some kind of life changing win.”

The brand has become ‘well established’, and with its RGS being fairly new, Kalama has been given the opportunity to start from scratch, in comparison to other operators and suppliers with previously built technology.

“We have a very powerful microservices framework that operates completely from the cloud that’s very easily scalable that lets us adapt very easily to new market needs.

“We’re able to meet new regulatory requirements very easily, we satisfied compliance requirements for Greece and Germany very easily, at the same time as offering a solution that works for other markets as well.”

Bronze headline sponsor of the Summit, Kalamba continues with the aim for players to feel as though they can get ‘something a little extra’ out of its games, and the company has today announced the release of Caribbean Anne 2.

Kalamba Games and remaining at the ‘front of the wave with high volatility games’