The Betting on Sports Europe (BOSE) conference in London is taking place this week, giving a platform to some of the industry’s leading figures to discuss the growth of betting and gaming.

During an appearance on The Big Betting Balagan (BBB), Dennis Algreen from SBC underlined that a key ‘traditional’ topic for the sector is leadership – with the event uniting a ‘senior audience’. 

He noted: “Not only the speakers, but also the attendees are very senior. Some topics to discuss have been on the agenda for a while, like the restrictions we’re facing in the industry in terms of marketing or partnerships.”

The constant development in different markets around legislation or compliance is something Algreen stated that everybody needs to be aware of, adding: “At the moment, most people are aware that we’ve got some potential huge updates coming to the UK.”

With the increasing likelihood of restrictions being implemented on sporting partnerships and advertisements, this limits what these companies can do in the future.

Lee Richardson of the BBB podcast is a ‘big fan’ of the event, and reminisced on the first event which he says was held in just one room.

“You take over the place now,” he added. “There’s a whole host of things particularly focused on the UK, and on the topic of the BBB live next week IN Stamford Bridge talking about exactly what that might look like and how prepared suppliers and operators are.

“It is really good timing, and it will be good to get some first hand feedback. 2022 will be very interesting to see what comes from the Gambling Act.”

Algreen commented on the current COVID restrictions, claiming that something the market has learnt from digital events is that a digital aspect can be added on to physical events.

“Most people would prefer to come to London, and that’s easy enough because will have available registration for that. But, if you can’t make it you can register for an online pass,” he claimed.

The pass gives people access to all of the event content as well as being able to contact other delegates.

Betting on Sports Europe: BOSE comes at a ‘great time’ for operators