Emerging markets often require a mulit-faceted commercial approach, and for Marvin Sanderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Xpoint, geolocation technology will become an important requirement in the US.

Whilst attending the SBC Summit North America at the Meadowlands, New Jersey, Sanderson spoke with SBC’s Senior Media Executive Erin Gallagher about the company’s operations in the US and the significance of geolocation technology.

Commenting on technological demand in the US, the Xpoint CEO observed geolocation has been viewed as a ‘regulatory tax’ – something which is ‘part of the parcel of the regulatory side of things’ across the US – whilst sharing his view that the technology will be necessary in each state. 

“Every state will need you to have a geolocation product, hence the reason we are entering the market,” he explained.

“I think what will change is the use of data – data is very key. Sports betting operators now see the value of data, they see the value of using it across multiple states and they see the value of their customers. 

“We are hoping to be a principle piece of that puzzle, and we feel our product will give that to them and help them along their way for new entrants, for tier one operators and across the board across all states in the US.”

“We are nearing our launch at the moment so it will be exciting in January and February where we will have more attractiveness PR wise.

Sanderson also took time to share insights into Xpoint’s geolocation offering. The company operates with the main objective of driving business and brand benefits for its partners, whilst working to ensure its clients meet regulatory needs.

Looking ahead to 2022, the CEO predicted that the new year would be an ‘exciting’ one, as Xpoint prepares to implement a number of plans and enhancements for its product as the US sports betting and igaming space continues to expand. 

“We’ll move our product into launch mode and will obviously be adding more features and more products to that.”

“We’ll be adding more licences to our portfolio, we’ll have more partners and clients and are very much looking forward to transforming how geolocation is working at the moment and how we can work with our clients moving forward.”

Marvin Sanderson: Every state will require a geolocation product