What is it?

After public demand for David Jennings and Gavin Lynch to review the 2020 Cheltenham Festival and their selections, the duo have reunited for their ‘Upping The Ante’ with bet365 a series that will give a post preview of the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, every Tuesday until the beginning of the festival next March.  

Each week, Jennings and Lynch will look at a festival market in detail with the first episode discussing their successes from the 2020 Cheltenham Festival series. They then look at what happened between then and now, talk on the Cheltenham Gold Cup and finally Gavin Lynch delivers some key stats. 

Who is it?

David Jennings, Deputy Irish Editor of the Racing Post and Gavin Lynch are back presenting the Racing Post’s ‘Upping The Ante’ series. 

What is being said?

What the duo replied when an audience member asked: ‘What do you think was the best ride of the 2020 Cheltenham Festival?’

Gavin Lynch: “I thought Champ was amazing. Now I didn’t want to see him win there but Barry was amazing to keep going and going and going and to get him up. It was brilliant. I thought Honeysuckle, for Rachel Blackmoor to switch down the inside before they turned in it caffuffle all of Mullin‘s plans and I thought that was great.”

David Jennings: “For me the best ride of the entire festival came in the very first race. It was carnage really when Elixir D’Ainay and Asterion Forlonge obviously was jumping to his right brought down basically Elixir D’Ainay, Captain Guinness fell. Shishkin made a pretty bad mistake at the third and then I just thought Nico kind of just allowed him to enjoy himself again after that mistake and I love the way he didn’t panic and say ‘oh god its Cheltenham I have to get into a challenging position’, it was just effortless, just gradual. He was unlucky not to be brought down and even from the last to the line, you always felt like he was just going to get there, vey calm. I thought it was one of those rides where everything went wrong and he still won. It takes a certain type of jockey to win when everything goes wrong. Nico de Boinville on Shishkin was my winner.”   

Why should I watch it?

It’s a key series to watch for any audience member looking to get the ins outs and be a part of the build up for the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, it gives small news round ups for the world of racing before delving into the meat of the show. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Racing Post Youtube Channel

Racing Post’s ‘Upping The Ante’ returns for Cheltenham 2021