What is it?

On Day 2 of the SBC Digital Summit CIS a group of industry experts gathered for a panel titled ‘Operating a gaming brand in a multicultural environment’. The panel looked at the challenges businesses face when expanding on a multinational level and discussed the importance of marketing, consultants and company culture. 

Who is it?


Lasha Machavariani, CEO & Founder, Sports Media Holding

Veiko Krunberg, Managing Director, OlyBet

Kirill Miroshnichenko, Sales Director, Endorphina


Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO, Green Jade Games

What is being said?

Machavariani: “If we take into consideration several countries, I’m regarding CIS countries for example Georgia, the first thing is that people are very much sport supporters. 

“The second thing is that it was never promoted from the government… but at the same time people are very much oriented towards gambling, it’s emotional and entertainment stuff.”

Krunberg: “One good thing to bring out from here is that it has been very stable. The companies here have enjoyed this kind of predictable future… you’re never sure what the next election or the next year would bring, if the government is looking to introduce another tax hurdle on the gaming or when it starts limiting it more and more. 

“That one is like the gaming regulation, the other important part is let’s discuss this advertising regulation as well since many markets are very protective of that area. They are limiting the advertising heavily. 

“In my opinion there needs to be a much better balance in that space where you have licenced operators able to do something right. That is the best way of combating the offshore markets and many regulators don’t really get that. You would rather have scrutiny on the licenced ones even on the advertising space rather than seeing them working really hard on closing the .com business.”  

Why should I watch it?

The panel covers a wide range of topics in its 40 minute run looking at: the difference in gaming culture between different countries and different markets. 

It debates if smaller markets have an advantage when it comes to exporting. If when expanding how important it is to localise the continent within the CIS region? Looks at the organisational challenges from operating in different markets. When looking to expand into a new market how important is it to look at what type of regulation is in place? 

It looks into if the ramifications of the pandemic forcing people online has helped with creating a better functioning culture and organisation. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC CIS: Operating in multicultural environments