Flutter’s Conor Grant has his say on the coming Government reform of the Gambling Act and what it could mean for Racing.

What is it?

Ahead of the announcement of the review of the Gambling Act, which considers banning sports sponsorships and limiting online casino stakes amongst other proposals to restructure gambling laws for the first time since 2005. Racing TV interviewed Flutter UK & Ireland CEO, Conor Grant.

With the previous Gambling Act being written in 2001 and brought into effect in 2005 criticism has detailed the outdatedness of the Act as it predates the rise in mobile and social media. 

It looks at the potential for stringent affordability checks on punters wanting to bet, how to minimise gambling disorder, gambling industries image, regulation that has been introduced since the last Gambling Act’s introduction.

Who is it?

Conor Grant, CEO, Flutter UK & Ireland

What is being said?

Grant: “There’s three key areas that we are thinking about. We’re thinking about how we promote safer gambling better particularly amongst younger people?

“The second thing is when we look at the length of time that people spend, how can we learn from other industries to increase transparency, this is particularly important when we look at the alcohol industry and the fast food sectors.

“Finally the big issue, which is around spend and online staking limits and what people should be able to spend on gambling. It’s a big issue, it balances a very fine line between societal intervention and personal freedom.

“It’s very important to remember as we approach this review all ideas should be on the table. We need to sit down and we need to take an evidence based approach. We cannot get into cosmetic measures. 

“Banning sponsorship for example of sport will have a lot of unintended consequences and we need to make sure that all stakeholders sit down, we’re around the table and we discuss these measures and we really get into what we are doing here? What are we trying to achieve? 

“We want to reform gambling, we know that, we want to modernise it but fundamentally we have to protect those that suffer from gambling disorder. One case is too many. It’s vital that we take these measures but equally we must balance that with millions and millions of people who enjoy betting safely.” 

Why should I watch it?

Industry insight into what Grant believes a gambling reform should entail. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Racing TV YouTube Channel 

Flutter’s proposed ideas on UK Gambling Act reform