GambleAware has announced the launch of ‘phase two’ of its flagship ‘Bet Regret’ campaign ahead of this weekend’s start of the Premier League 2020/2021 season.

Promoted nationwide, GambleAware’s latest campaign carries the tagline ‘tap-out to avoid Bet Regret’, urging audiences to pause and reconsider before they place an impulsive bet.

Measuring the impact of its Bet Regret series on UK audiences, GambleAware commissioned Ipsos MORI to review the campaign which began in February 2019 – monitoring public awareness and engagement, its impact on attitudes, conversations around betting, consideration of moderation and betting behaviours. 

Ipsos MORI found that self-awareness amongst 18-34 year old men who gamble frequently on sport is increasing and that behaviour is starting to change but there is still a need for more specific advice.

GambleAware Trustee Professor Sian Griffiths, Chair of the Safer Gambling Campaign Board, stated: “The first year of the Bet Regret campaign had a positive impact on our target audience. We are looking to build on that success by influencing behaviour change through encouraging sports bettors to ‘tap out’ of their gambling app and take a moment to reflect before placing a risky, impulsive bet. 

“This new campaign is designed to help fans steer clear of Bet Regret and reduce potential gambling harms.”

Whilst GambleAware noted improvements in public self-awareness of betting habits, the charity detailed concerns as its research states that over ‘a quarter (27%) of the campaign audience betting more than three months ago, with the proportion who have bet on football online in the past month increasing by 62%’.

Further to Bet Regret’s evaluation, GambleAware pointed to FSA data which indicates that audiences watching matches at home are likelier to increase their in-play betting  habits – with ‘83% of fans who bet in-play on football matches saying they bet in-play more when watching a match at home rather than in a stadium.’

Jo Churchill MP, Minister for Prevention, Public Health and Primary Care, said: The impacts of a gambling problem can be devastating for an individual and those around them.

“It is excellent news that the Bet Regret campaign is entering its second year and encouraging those who may be placing a bet to pause and reconsider. It also helps ensure that anyone who needs it can get advice and support to protect them from gambling-related harm.”

Bet Regrets new campaign advert will debut on Saturday 12 September during the kick-off match of the Premier League – Fulham v Arsenal (12.30 pm kick-off).

Sky Sports, BT Sport, ITV and Channel 4 are amongst the UK broadcasters who are supporting the Bet Regret campaign, funded by direct donations to the independent Safer Gambling Board.

Nigel Huddleston MP, Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage, concluded: “Safer gambling messaging has a vital role to play in protecting people from gambling-related harm. This new GambleAware campaign is a creative and engaging way to urge people to pause and reflect on the implications of their actions.” 

New ‘tap out’ campaign launched by GambleAware