Harry von Behr discusses the evolution of Spotlight Sports Group, the recent refresh of the group brand, key focus areas for 2021 and why it’s an exciting time to be involved in the US market – both through the provision of expert content for B2B partners and the successful rollout of customer facing website Pickswise. 

Who is it?

Harry von Behr, Managing Director (Sport) at Spotlight Sports Group

What is being said?

On moving away from the legacy brand name: “The rebrand and refresh is really just an extension of the heritage that we have within the UK and Irish market. 

“But the fact is, today, we cover every sport in over 70 languages. This was particularly important in the dark days of April and May 2020 when we were providing daily betting editorial on the likes of table tennis and esports.”

His take on the importance of working in partnership with operators: “We know very well the struggles that sportsbooks have with integrations and long roadmaps, so if we can create products that help to ease some of those challenges then that can only be a good thing.”

Why he is confident that it can replicate European success Stateside: “In the same way that our European facing business has been built on providing independent premium content to operators that helps them to engage their bettors, we follow that same model in the US, and we’re confident that we will see similar results.”

Why should I watch it? 

To learn more about the refresh of the Spotlight Sports Group brand, its ambitions for the US market and why the business benefits from having both the B2B model and customer facing websites such as Pickswise – as it can learn from one to inform the other.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Harry von Behr: Spotlight Sports Group accelerates US expansion