Ipsos’ Scott Morasch reveals the top five market research questions their Lottery & Gaming sector clients have been asking them. 

What is it?

Themed upon changing expectations and questions that Ipsos has been getting from their state and provincial lottery partners when they are carrying out their market research programmes. 

The webinar looks at what the trends are going into 2021, the top five market research questions their clients want answers to these includes: Can we do market research during COVID? How can we assess the impact COVID has had on our players? How has iGaming/iLottery affected our market and players? How can we maintain the surge we’ve seen in Scratch-off sales? Can my market sustain more high price point Scratch games?

Ipsos is a market research company which offers a suite of research services.

Who is it?

Scott Morasch, Vice President (Lottery & Gaming), Ipsos

What is being said?

Morasch: “Another big area that lotteries are looking at these days is to do with igaming and iLottery. A lot of this predates COVID where states or provinces that have some of these platforms have been looking at this question for a number of years because we know that there’s a big market out there for igaming with lots of different operators. 

“But specifically with COVID we know that lots of players have wanted to migrate some of their play online and the ability to buy lottery tickets online to save them a trip to the store has been quite valuable.

“We’ve been finding that lotteries have been asking us: What is the size of this market? How is it shifting over time? What is our market share because we know that there’s grey market operators but we also operate some of the similar products so where do we rank and how can we tap into that to find areas for growth and opportunity?”

Why should I watch it?

To see what research the Lottery & Gaming sector is asking to be conducted. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Ipsos YouTube Channel

Ipsos’ Lottery & Gaming Top 5 Market Research Questions