Gambling software provider Gamingtec caught up with SBC to discuss the company’s recent developments and future plans.

Speaking at ICE London 2022, newly appointed Sales Manager Dennis Witterbrood discussed the highlights of the event for himself and Gamingtec:

“This is the first time that we had the chance to physically meet the colleagues. As I’m based in Malta, the highlight has been seeing the people and being in touch with the potential customers again.”

SBC Media’s Mollie Chapman also got the chance to talk with Gamingtec Commercial Director Andrei Beu about the company’s growth and what direction it plans to take when expanding its workforce.

“With me here, we are trying to build up a team,” Beu stated. “We’re bringing in more people with experience in this industry and mostly in B2B.

Going over Gamintec’s collaborative strategy and what the company seeks in its partners, Beu added: “We are integrating all sorts of content, and this is part of our expansion plan because everyone has very interesting content. Most of them are targeting various markets. They are localised, they follow certain cultures.

“On one hand, you have Europe. On the other hand, you have LatAm, Africa, Asia. It’s very different. We need to be prepared. So, this is what we want to have as a platform provider. You want to be able to provide the content that suits a certain market, certain user preferences.”

Gamingtec maps out growth strategy and team expansion plans