As part of the Gaming in Holland webinar series – a partial preview to the upcoming online gaming management master class with a Dutch focus – gaming consultants Jason Rosenberg and Itsik Akiva look at player retention in a highly competitive regulated market.

What is it?

The session reviews the major elements that influence players’ decisions to not only stay with your iGaming site but also increase their engagement, including: effective communication to segmented audiences, promotional tactics, loyalty programmes and VIP management practices.

It looks at a key aspect of online gaming management that could immediately add to your bottom line.

Rosenberg and Akiva have provided services to dozens of gaming operators and regulators assisting them as they enter new markets, launch new products, and optimise their operations.

Who is it?

Willem Van Oort, Founder, Gaming in EU: Holland, Spain and Germany, iGaming Regulation, Compliance, and Business

Jason Rosenberg, CEO, American iGaming Solutions

Itsik Akiva, Online Gaming & Marketing Consultant, American iGaming Solution

What is being said?

Rosenberg: “When we talk about earning loyalty rather than paying for it, the promotions that we just talked about, all of those things were paying for that loyalty. 

“Earning loyalty is very simple to do and that can be done with really good customer service. If the players know that these people are really going to take care of me, they have earned my loyalty. 

“It can be through customer service, it could be through use of payment processing or easy withdrawal. These are service related pieces that were able to really show that we care about these customers rather than throwing money at them. That’s what that means.”

Adding to the conversation, Akiva commented: “I’ll just quickly go through one element which I think is going to be super important in the Dutch market and that’s localisation. 

“The language, the nuances, if those people will truly understand that this company is Dutch or at least will come across as Dutch for them, that’s going to be a major way to earn their loyalty rather than something that will feel like a Google translation.”

Why should I watch it?

The webinar series is extremely informative and allows for audience participation when live, including an interactive Q&A session. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Gaming in Holland, the Leading Platform for Lotteries and iGaming in Holland YouTube Channel

Gaming in Holland: Player retention in regulated online gaming